Duane’s Ono Char (Anahola)


Sometimes the simplest things are the most satisfying and that is definitely the case at this fantastic little roadside find called Duane’s Ono Char Burger. Whether it’s a burger you’re craving, some chicken, or fried fish, this place is simply delish! . Ono in Hawaiian means “delicious,” and this place lives up to its namesake, it's even Zagat rated.  Our family rates it a DO NOT MISS and a perfect lunch stop after your favorite activity.

I sampled the Teriyaki burger (swiss and grilled pineapple)-which btw is their bestseller- and it was fabulous.  The kids had the chicken strips and the fried fish which is made from local Ono (also known as wahoo which is a  nice white flaky and very tasty fish).  Both were outstanding!  American favorites with an island twist, what can be better than that.

While you're eating at the outdoor picnic tables, watch for the wild chickens running around! You will see them all over Kauai (in fact they are sort of a problem).  Duanes doesn't have a website but if you click here, you find their menu on Zagat's... Bon appetit or as they say in Hawaiian E 'ai kaua

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