Kentucky History Center (Frankfort)

Kentucky History Center (Frankfort)

Sadly, the Kentucky History Center was certainly not one of the better history museums we’ve seen. It appeared that the folks who put the museum together did try to create an engaging experience but t seemed as if this museum was wrestling with its past, not knowing exactly how to show things like slavery and the Civil War.  The exhibits seemed almost cartoonish, just scratching the surface over the most painful parts in an obligatory way as if they were trying not to offend anyone.

It was a little tough to make sense of my feelings…but I was really depressed in here and I think I know why. Perhaps because there was so much painful history here that was glossed over.  I will give the museum credit for some pretty lifelike animatronic figures, especially in the coal mining exhibit. The life sized coal miner in the mine shaft was so real that it unnerved me a little. There was a nice display about quilts and historic clothing that we all enjoyed, but other than that, I’d give this museum a pass. Visit only if you have extra time and go in knowing you aren't getting the whole story.

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