Here’s Why You Should Always Check Your Mattress

Check Your Mattress

Here's one funny story I want to share with you about the importance of inspecting your room and checking the condition of your mattress (especially since you need to check for bed bugs-which I hadn't yet learned to do). While visiting Memphis we stayed at the Days Inn right across from Graceland. It was a pretty awesome Elvis themed hotel, had a great location, a pool shaped like a guitar, and all for a reasonable price-how could we not stay there?  We checked in and all seemed fine. The mattress was especially cushy, so much so I called my travel buddy Yvonne in the next room and commented that it must be a Tempurpedic it felt so fabulous.

Upon checking out, I just had to know what kind of mattress it was since it was so comfortable. I pulled up the sheets and was horrified to find a hideous foam mattress that was beat to shreds. It was so worn out that there was no more fabric left on the top, all that was left were a few threads and the cheap foam padding ... watch the video and then say it with me ... EWWWWWWW.

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