Soundtrack for Trip #1: Washington, Oregon

imgresHere's a terrific list of songs to go along the amazing scenery of the Pacific Northwest on Trip #1: Washington, Oregon. Many artists and bands on the list have their roots here like Jimi Hendrix, Heart, The Kingsman, Nirvana, and Pearl Jam-in fact Nirvana and Pearl Jam pioneered a new style of music that emerged out of the Seattle scene which came to be known as Grunge. Other songs are just feel good road songs inspired by the scenery like "Natural Disaster" (Mt. St. Helens anyone?) or "Life is a Highway." Feel free to add any others that inspire you, giving your adventure in Washington and Oregon a movie like score that adds richness and dimension to your time on the road. You can also check out all our playlists on Spotify by following us at exploreall50.

"Life is a Highway"Rascal Flats
"Pocketful of Sunshine"Natasha Bedingfield
"Naturally"Selena Gomez
"Take It Easy"The Eagles
"Smells Like Teen Spirit"Nirvana
"Alive"Pearl Jam
"Hello Seattle"Owl City
"Purple Haze"Jimi Hendrix
"Portland, Oregon"Loretta Lynn
"Natural Disaster"Zac Brown Band
"Louie Louie"The Kingsman
"Hey Soul Sister"Train