Soundtrack for Trip #8: Illinois, Missouri, Iowa, Minnesota, and Wisconsin

gateway-arch_6From the land of Lincoln, to the Gateway Arch, through Iowa farmland, the wilds of Minnesota to the home of Harley Davidson. Here's a music playlist to keep you humming along as you explore the great Midwest. Enjoy some St. Louis Blues, and a bit of Polka from Wisconsin along with some other hits as you hit the road.

"Chicago"Frank Sinatra
"Bad Bad Leroy Brown"Jim Croce
"You're The Inspiration"Chicago
"St. Louis Blues"Nat King Cole
"Statesboro Blues"The Allman Brothers
"Against The Wind"Bob Seger
"Rockin' Down The Highway"The Doobie Brothers
"Summer of '69"Bryan Adams
"Everywhere"Fleetwood Mac
"Roll Out The Barrel"Myron Floren
"Born To Be Wild"Steppenwolf
"Dead Or Alive"Bon Jovi

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