MOMA-Museum of Modern Art (New York City-Manhattan)


what the ???

what the ???

My kids and I are huge fans of modern art. Modern art is often visually "fun" and very often thought provoking and we are always interested in trying to figure out what the artist was trying to say in his or her piece. Let's face it, any time I can get my teenagers to engage in any kind of discussion is a coup. It's for that reason we (and me especially) were particularly excited to check out MOMA, New York's foremost museum dedicated to modern art.


Roy Lichtenstein

If you are planning to explore MOMA, my best advice is to do so before you explore the Metropolitan Museum of Art. We headed over a few hours after and sadly were a bit underwhelmed (let's face it, nothing can compare to the Met!). Do what we did though and start at the top and work your way around each floor before heading down to the next one. It's a very efficient and progressive way to do it.

There are some amazing pieces and I loved listening my kids tell me which artists they recognized like Warhol, Lichtenstein and even Basquiat. There are also some real conversation starters, and some that might even elicit some chuckles.

DSC_0179MOMa is definitely worth a visit and make sure to check out the gift shop across the street which is filled with all kinds of artistic and nifty items that are not only practical but awesome to look at.



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