2000px-Seal_of_Pennsylvania.svgThere’s nothing like standing where our nation's independence was declared or seeing the Liberty Bell to connect to our historic and dynamic American heritage. Pennsylvania is home to so much of our history-some that took place in big cities like Philadelphia and Pittsburgh and some that occurred in the rural farmland that covers so much of the state.

DSC_0322Pennsylvania beckons you to get to know Benjamin Franklin and how he changed the course of American history in the city of brotherly love. Pittsburgh calls your attention to the Industrial Revolution and the legend of Andrew Carnegie.

Pittsburgh-Ft-Duquesne-Bridge-MG-1155-7x17In between the big cities explore the lush farmland that led to the establishment of the Hershey’s chocolate factory-home to amazing dairy farms who supply the milk. Check out Valley Forge and explore the Amish communities near Lancaster and Harrisburg. Their unique lifestyle is sure to make you think about your own and their fried chicken and pretzels are a definite thumbs up.