Maryland you ever seen the state of Maryland's flag? It's a wild and colorful design. And that's just the way I feel about Maryland, it's got loads of personality-historical and eclectic. Maryland is at once urban, rural and even wild. It's urban core is definitely Baltimore- deeply historical, and both traditional and artsy all at the same time. Just leave Baltimore and you'll encounter is rural roots, hosts to all kinds of small towns often with some kind of historical significance whether it be a town straddling the Mason Dixon line such as Emmitsburg or other towns along the Harriet Tubman Underground Railroad Byway. An then there are parts of Maryland that are still truly wild from the Chesapeake bay where you find can find wild clams, crabs and oysters to the remote sanctuary of Assateague Island where horses still roam free. Maryland is diverse and rich with a variety of places to explore. Oh..and don't forget to pick up some Old Bay to put on anything and everything and wash it all down with a Naty Bo!!



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