Boston Tea Party Ship and Museum (Boston)

Boston Tea Party Ship and Museum

This is the type of museum that is privately owned and run like a business (translation): It’s a little more expensive and feels a little more glitzy, but my kids and I all thought it was totally worth the money. Sometimes we get turned off by stuff that seems a little too glam or tourist trap-like, but not here.

Boston Tea Party Ship and MuseumAs you walk in to the “meeting room” and you are given a card by the costumed guides who are in character as participants in the Boston tea party. On the card is the description of an actual person who took part in the tea party. In the meeting room, you pretend you are the fed up citizens who are tired of being taxed while your guides rally you with Ay’s and Fie’s and Boos. After “planning” your revolt, you head out to a replica of one of the 3 ships that carried the tea named "The Beaver"-that was docked in Boston Harbor.

After launching the stamped tea boxes in the harbor your guides will explain about the boat and then take you inside the museum where you will see one of the few remaining actual boxes from historic event-We all found that pretty amazing.  You can’t get close to it-it revolves in a glass case-but still just to think you are seeing an actual historic artifact like that is pretty incredible. As you move through the museum you will see some cool animation tricks and holographic figures that help tell the story of the arguments for and against this daring act of rebellion as well as  events that eventually led up the “shot heard round the world” and the start of the American Revolution. The price of admission was a little steep but I still think it was worth it for the super fun interactive experience. And make sure you go ahead and do the titanic pose off the bow of the ship. Isaac just couldn’t resist.

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Boston Tea Party Ship and Museum

Boston Tea Party Ship and Museum

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