Boston Tea Party Ship and Museum (Boston)

Boston Tea Party Ship and Museum

This is the type of museum that is privately owned and run like a business (translation): It’s a little more expensive and feels a little more glitzy, but my kids and I all thought it was totally worth the money. Sometimes we get turned off by stuff that seems a little too glam or tourist trap-like, but not here. As you walk in to the “meeting room” and you are given a card by the costumed guides who are in … [Read more...]

The Freedom Trail (Boston)

The Freedom Trail

An absolute must if you are in Boston! The Freedom Trail is a path that you follow that’s marked by 2 rows of red bricks or a red line in the sidewalk or street that will lead you to the sites in Boston associated with the Revolution. You can get a map/guide at the Massachusetts capitol building. If you do the entire thing it is 2.5 miles and includes 17 historic places to see-some of which are free and … [Read more...]

Harvard (Boston)


Harvard, while only a short car ride away from MIT was infinitely different. Harvard is the oldest university in the US founded in 1636. It was so awe inspiring to be on this storied campus, where most students can only dream of attending. We found the statue of John Harvard in Harvard Yard and did as tradition dictates- rubbed his shoe for good luck (his shoe is pretty shiny as you can imagine). Overall we were … [Read more...]

JFK Presidential Library and Museum (Boston)

JFK Presidential Library and Museum

Traveling throughout the USA we've had opportunities to visit many Presidential Libraries.  Some are absolutely incredible and some not so much.  After being blown away by the Abraham Lincoln Library, and the Bill Clinton Library our expectations were very high for the library of JFK whose presidency was filled with dramatic events, who was so beloved and whose family possessed enormous wealth. We entered the … [Read more...]

MIT (Boston)


MIT is the epicenter of math and science geekdom and you can just feel the genius of the student body radiating in the air. My kids and I walked around in our search for the student store in awe knowing that each and every student we passed was ridiculously brilliant. A hilarious high point was someone asking my 17 yr. old daughter for directions on campus. She was flabbergasted that someone actually thought she was … [Read more...]

The North End (Boston)

Caffe Vittoria

For a super fabulous lunch or dinner, head to a lovely enclave with tons of authentic Italian restaurants, coffee houses, and gelaterias. We met some friends who took us to a lovely restaurant called Limoncello Ristorante - delicious down home Italian cuisine with something to make everyone happy. Lovely casual vibe and the food was simply wonderful. Whether you like Pasta with marinara sauce, or something more … [Read more...]