Hoover Dam (Boulder City)

Nevada, Utah and Arizona

Hoover Dam is one of the greatest engineering marvels of all time in fact our jaws dropped just at the sight of if. We took the Discovery tour where we learned all about hydroelectricity (remember we did that at the Bonneville Dam in Washington too) and how the Army Corp of Engineers dammed the Colorado River and harnessed its power to provide electricity to millions of homes and businesses especially close to where we live in Southern California. We took an elevator down to see the massive turbines below. Then we headed back where we walked up to a viewing platform to see the dam. Holy cow, it's HUGE. It's just amazing that men were able to build a wall to dam a river. There is a wonderful exhibit that explains the mechanics of how the dam was built as well as lots of historical photos that show how brave men who risked life and limb to complete this spectacular project. Seeing how government projects are built today, it's hard to believe the modern marvel was completed early and under-budget. We need to rekindle that can-do spirit America! Wow—this is a DO NOT MISS for sure!!!

In honor of those brave souls who put their lives on the line to build something truly miraculous for all of us. This is what makes America great—ingenuity and the drive to turn dreams into reality.

Nevada, Utah and Arizona

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