Hoover Dam (Boulder City)

Nevada, Utah and Arizona

Hoover Dam is one of the greatest engineering marvels of all time in fact our jaws dropped just at the sight of if. We took the Discovery tour where we learned all about hydroelectricity (remember we did that at the Bonneville Dam in Washington too) and how the Army Corp of Engineers dammed the Colorado River and harnessed its power to provide electricity to millions of homes and businesses especially close to where … [Read more...]

Bonneville Dam (Cascade Locks)

Washington and Oregon

The Bonneville Dam was by far one of most fascinating and memorable things on this road trip. This was a super educational stop on two fronts. First we learned all about hydro-electric power, how the power of the rushing water in the river turns the turbines to create electricity for people to use. Secondly, we also learned about salmon, one of our favorite fish to eat. These two things came together here because the … [Read more...]