Jet Boat Ride On The Willamette River (Portland)

Jet Boat Ride On The Willamette River

A Jet Boat ride is a fantastic way to break up the museums and educational stuff and one of the best most memorable we've ever done was on the Willamette River in Portland. What starts out as a leisurely cruise on the gorgeous Willamette River gets wild and crazy when the captain goes full throttle. While we were cruising the kids and I were lucky enough to see an eagle which was pretty amazing.  We also got a brief history of the area learning about Native Americans and the explorers who arrived from other places.    The captain gave us a warning and the before you know it we were flying full speed ahead and then spun and headed back with the wind in our hair and screaming with delight.  It was awesome fun and we totally recommend it for anyone with an adventurous spirit. Willamette Jet Boat Excursions is the way to go.

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