Cruise the Napali Coast (Kekaha)

Cruise the Napali Coast (Kekaha)

There are many ways to see the Napali Coast, which is inaccessible by land. You can sail on a catamaran with about 30-50 folks, or you can go on a motorized inflatable zodiac raft with about 12 folks on a super bumpy ride.  Any way you slice it, it's going to be expensive (about $150 per adult and $100 per kid) and an activity that is going to take some time (4 hours at the minimum).   I don’t know what possessed … [Read more...]

Lobster Fishing on the Sarah Mead (Boothbay Harbor)

Lobster Fishing on the Sarah Mead

Lobster fishing is a pretty big deal in Maine since Lobster is one of those things Maine is most famous for.  Lobster is on the menu of just about every restaurant and folks stand in lines for some of the more famous lobster roll stands.  We don't eat lobster (we only eat fish with both fins and scales because of our dietary restrictions) but I still felt it would be "wicked awesome" to go lobster fishing.  Online … [Read more...]

America’s Cup Charters (Newport)

America's Cup Charters

Did you know that Newport Harbor is the home base for the yachts that race in the America's Cup?  I thought it would be incredibly cool to sail on one  and after doing some research, found America's Cup Charters based in Newport Harbor. They are just simply amazing!!!  All their boats have at some time raced in the America's Cup and some have even won.  What's great is that you do as much or as little "helping" … [Read more...]

Cruise the Columbia River (Cascade Locks)

Cruise the Columbia River

The Columbia River is home to tons of salmon that swim upstream to spawn and then head back out to the ocean.  It is so beautiful and picturesque and we thought one of the best ways to see it was to take a ride on an old fashioned paddle wheel steamboat. Out on the deck we listened to the narrated tour which clued us in to the history of the area and the native wildlife.  During the season a limited number of … [Read more...]

Diamond Lake Resort (Diamond Lake)

Diamond Lake Resort

Not too far from Crater Lake is Diamond Lake which is home to the Diamond Lake Resort, a really cool recreation area to just hang out, relax, and have some fun on the water. Mind you, we had an RV so we ended up camping here for the night, but you don't need a camper to hang out and enjoy a day out on the water or stay at their lodge-(I didn't stay there so I couldn't tell you what it was like).  We rented a pontoon … [Read more...]

Jet Boat Ride On The Willamette River (Portland)

Jet Boat Ride On The Willamette River

A Jet Boat ride is a fantastic way to break up the museums and educational stuff and one of the best most memorable we've ever done was on the Willamette River in Portland. What starts out as a leisurely cruise on the gorgeous Willamette River gets wild and crazy when the captain goes full throttle. While we were cruising the kids and I were lucky enough to see an eagle which was pretty amazing.  We also got a brief … [Read more...]

Harbor Cruise (Seattle)

Destination: Washington and Oregon

Taking a harbor cruise is  just a super way to get a quick introduction to the Seattle and how it's location on the Pacific Ocean affects it's economy. The cruises are about 1 hour long and depart from Pier 55 and I highly recommend doing it first as the tour is a great sort of orientation. It’s an open-air boat with lots of space to walk around and there are bathrooms and snacks.. Some highlights include the … [Read more...]

Gates Of The Mountains Boat Tour (Helena)

Destination #3: Idaho, Wyoming and Montana

This two hour Gates OF The Mountains Boat Tour follows the travels of Lewis and Clark upstream on the Missouri River where Lewis and Clark recorded in their journals, “Suddenly, there loomed before them towering rock formations unlike any they had ever seen. From both sides of the river, limestone cliffs rose to a spectacular heights of 1200 feet. In many places,” wrote Meriwether Lewis, “the rocks seem ready … [Read more...]