Noah’s Ark Water Park (Wisconsin Dells)

Illinois, Missouri, Iowa, Minnesota, and Wisconsin

As we drove in the Wisconsin Dells area we were completely thrown for a loop as we'd never seen anything like this. Hotels and indoor and outdoor water parks stacked all along the  main strip Vegas style and it was jam packed with people and cars.  I had no idea which one to choose but my kids kept yammering about the one they'd seen on TV  billed as “the largest water park in the US”—Noah’s Ark. As soon I saw it, we pulled in, found a parking space, put on our gear on and headed right in.  You never know what to expect at these places but I will tell you, Noah's Ark  did not disappoint. I parked myself on a lounge chair in the shade and after a quick lecture about sticking together always, I let my kids take off.

They absolutely loved some ride called The Anaconda where you go down the water slide in a little boat (thankfully made for three). To be honest I don't even know all the rides they went on, but I know I generally don't have to worry because none of my crew are too brave when it comes to this kind of stuff. Thank G-d none of them have that crazy thrill seeking gene in their blood. They kept checking in with me about every thirty minutes telling me what fun they were having.

To be honest, I probably would have gone on a few rides but it always seems like too much hassle.  As the mom, you always feels like you need to guard the camp.  Someone needs to watch the towels and the gear, and to be perfectly honest running around in my bathing suit with tons of people in what feels like one big swimming pool just doesn't appeal to me.  So while my kids might think I am a little bit of a stick in the mud when it comes to this kind of stuff, they also know they can always count on Mom to be there with their towel and their gear in a place  they can come back to.  I hope that this is a bit of a metaphor for life in the future.  As I launch them off into the world to run around on their own, I want them to know they can always come back and check in where I am, where it's safe and secure and feels like home.

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