Gulf Islands Water Park (Gulfport)

Gulf Islands Water Park (Gulfport)

After driving around in the heat and humidity and all the museums and educational stuff we'd done over the last few days, it was time for a kid break, to let them just have fun.  Luckily we found the Gulf Island Water Park and the kids could not be more excited to get into the water and have a great time in the late afternoon.  The park wasn't enormous but it was big enough to offer a really great selection of … [Read more...]

Dollywood (Pigeon Forge)

Georgia, North Carolina and South Carolina

I’d promised my kids a trip to Dollywood Splash Country after they’d seen some show about it on TV about the top 10 water parks in the country and it's all they could talk about they were so excited. Sadly, it did not live up to everyone’s expectations which is what usually happens with these large over hyped activities.  As we do at every water park, we staked out our chairs and the kids were off and running. … [Read more...]

Noah’s Ark Water Park (Wisconsin Dells)

Illinois, Missouri, Iowa, Minnesota, and Wisconsin

As we drove in the Wisconsin Dells area we were completely thrown for a loop as we'd never seen anything like this. Hotels and indoor and outdoor water parks stacked all along the  main strip Vegas style and it was jam packed with people and cars.  I had no idea which one to choose but my kids kept yammering about the one they'd seen on TV  billed as “the largest water park in the US”—Noah’s Ark. As soon I … [Read more...]

Big Splash Water Park (Tulsa)

Destination #6: Nebraska, Kansas and Oklahoma

After a ridiculously hot day exploring (Yeah—check out the temperature reading in the mini van. Did I say it gets hot? That’s 109 folks) it was time to take a break so off we headed to the Big Splash Water Park. There are all kinds of rides and plenty of shade for parents to kick back. Water slides, wave pool—you name it.  This place is pretty big and as long as the kids stuck together, I let them run … [Read more...]