Plymouth Rock Pilgrim Memorial State Park (Plymouth)

We were all so excited to actually see Plymouth Rock and were just a little deflated when we arrived as we just could not believe how small it was. It sits on the beach under a sort of stone gazebo type structure. In the rock is carved the year 1620. I advise reading the story on the sign near the memorial where you will learn that the rock is about one third the size of the original, as it had been removed, cut down, installed in the town square, and at some point returned to the beach (what is wrong with people-what ever possessed the town fathers to think moving and cutting Plymouth rock was ok?…It’s plymouth rock people-Leave it be and respect it!). Even though it was a bit of a let down, I still had to pinch myself…this is actually Plymouth Rock for real…

Plymouth Rock Pilgrim Memorial State Park

If you have a little time, explore the town of Plymouth, it's absolutely adorable-like Cape Cod without the traffic.


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