Reader Profile: Jeff Shoer, combining a passion for food and a quest to see all 50!

Jeff Shoer

Jeff Shoer is a self proclaimed food and travel “experientialist”. What is that you ask? Well, according to Jeff it’s a term he coined to sum up his combined passion for experiencing food and travel while writing articles documenting his adventures both on the road and on the plate. Jeff officially began his quest to discover and “taste” all 50 states as a co-pilot on a road trip to the Pacific Northwest … [Read more...]

Cape Cod

Cape Cod

The storied vacation spot on the eastern seaboard. Wow, what are they giving away here for free? I cannot even begin to tell you how much traffic there was to get here. While the area is very charming and picturesque, maybe I missed something. Unless you have a house here, and come here for a significant amount of time, I am not sure I get it. Lots of cute shops and beaches, but definitely not worth the traffic, … [Read more...]

Plymouth Rock Pilgrim Memorial State Park (Plymouth)

Plymouth Rock Pilgrim Memorial State Park

We were all so excited to actually see Plymouth Rock and were just a little deflated when we arrived as we just could not believe how small it was. It sits on the beach under a sort of stone gazebo type structure. In the rock is carved the year 1620. I advise reading the story on the sign near the memorial where you will learn that the rock is about one third the size of the original, as it had been removed, cut … [Read more...]