Sitting Bull Crystal Caverns (Rapid City)

Destination #5: North and South Dakota

Walking through the Sitting Bull Crystal Caverns felt like we were walking through a giant Geode, and you know what, we probably were.  This incredible cave holds the world’s largest display of dog-tooth spar crystal, which look like diamonds as all their facets are  reflected in some of the pools in the cave. We walked down quite  few steep steps to get inside the cave, but our effort was totally rewarded once we reached the bottom.  There were sparkly little jagged spikes everywhere and now that I think about it, they did look like large teeth.  The dramatic lighting and the natural pools of water add to the whole effect.  It was a little chilly as you are going pretty far down into a dark cave to bring a sweater.  This was one of those activities that didn't take too long but was definitely worth checking out.  Seeing natural wonders like this make you realize that mother nature is pretty creative, and she doesn't even have photoshop.

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