Cave Of The Winds (Niagara Falls)

There are a few ways to get a more up close and personal experience at the falls provided you don't mind getting a little wet, and if it's a super hot day like it was when we were there, it can actually be quite refreshing. After finding out that the Maid of The Mist, the boat that cruises up to the falls was completely sold out, we discovered the Cave Of The Winds which turned out to be quite a fun and memorable … [Read more...]

Sitting Bull Crystal Caverns (Rapid City)

Destination #5: North and South Dakota

Walking through the Sitting Bull Crystal Caverns felt like we were walking through a giant Geode, and you know what, we probably were.  This incredible cave holds the world’s largest display of dog-tooth spar crystal, which look like diamonds as all their facets are  reflected in some of the pools in the cave. We walked down quite  few steep steps to get inside the cave, but our effort was totally rewarded once … [Read more...]

Lewis and Clark Caverns (Three Forks)

Destination #3: Idaho, Wyoming and Montana

A little off the beaten path, the Lewis and Clark Caverns hosts a spectacular display of stalactites and stalagmites formed by the minerals in the dripping water that have collected within these caves for hundreds of thousands of years. After hiking up nearly a mile up the hill the the cave entrance, we were led inside by our guide. The cave was dark and cool but as we entered we were wowed by the amazing formations. … [Read more...]