Sprinkles Ice Cream (Newport)

Sprinkles Ice Cream

Ice CreamNot to be confused with Sprinkles in California, this place was just beyond fantastic!  Sprinkles Ice Cream is homemade ice cream that is smooth and creamy and sold from a little stand on the pier at Bowen's Wharf. The have hard and soft serve which I am sure are both equally great, but we tried the hard serve.  We sampled some really unusual flavors like Moose Track, Maine Deer Tracks, and Maine Black Bear.  I don't recall which was which, but there were chocolate truffles. caramel bits, and huge pieces of chocolate chunks with swirls-you just can't go wrong with any of them honestly.  Just delish especially on a hot day.  If you are in Newport, don't miss this awesome treat.  You can also read more about it on our post Explore All 50's Top 10 Ice Creams Across The USA.  All 3 kids gave it a huge thumbs up!

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