The Friendly Toast (Portsmouth)

The Friendly Toast

Searching for breakfast in Portsmouth we happened upon The Friendly Toast, a  fun and friendly place and since it's one of the few restaurants in town that do a real breakfast, it was packed.  The decor looks like grandma's garage exploded.  Kitschy weird is an understatement here -mismatched table items,  all kinds of advertising signs from another era, Kentucky Fried Chicken lamp fixtures you vaguely remember from your childhood (I am dating myself here) and all kinds of other oddities stuck to the walls.

The Friendly ToastThe menu is just as creative-Green eggs and ham anyone? (it's made with pesto of course!)  I like spicy so I had a strange concoction of eggs, olives, feta, spinach, tomatoes and a few other things I can't remember...oh yeah and jalapenos.  It sounded good to me in theory, but the execution..not so good, the flavors just didn't go together but I think that was a special the chef might have been trying out.

The kids did much better with their less creatives choices like pancakes, french toast (which was enormous btw) and the like. which were all outstanding .  The service is like the decor-funky, fun and eclectic.  The staff was tattooed and pierced and with a bit of a surly attitude-and at a place like this, it's part of the "charm".  If I were hungry in New Hampshire I'd go back for sure.

The Friendly Toast


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