The Frost Place (Franconia)

The Frost Place

The Frost PlaceUnless you are a die hard Robert Frost devotee, I am not sure I would take the time to check this out.  We were intrigued because Isaac had done an extensive book report on the famous poet.  I thought it would be really interesting to check out where he lived and what inspired some of his most famous poetry.  Off the main highway and into the woods we drove until we arrived at the parking lot.  We hiked up to the yard and headed over to the open "barn-like" structure.  There were books for sale and other "souvenirs" for purchase.  We paid our admission and sat down to watch a video about Robert Frost's life.  It was mildly interesting for the first 5-10 minutes and then sheer boredom set in.  We got up and headed toward the house which is a very modest structure.  Half of it was off limits as the Robert Frost Society awards one poet  the prize of living in the house for a year-so their personal living area was off limits.  There were very few artifacts to see however some of the furniture was original.  I am sorry to say my kids and I had a really hard time finding anything interesting here.  I suppose if you wanted to hike around the property you could do that.  We are not the hiking type nor did we have the time.  I suggest, if you other sites on your agenda you let The Frost Place be "The Road Not Taken"

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