Alaska State Capitol Building (Juneau)


DSC_0043An Explore All 50 road trip would not be complete without a visit to the state capitol building and Alaska was no exception.  Juneau is truly a small mining town and it just doesn't quite feel like a state capitol in the typical sense.  But once you come to appreciate that Alaska is a sparsely populated place, it doesn't feel odd at all.

When we visited, the capitol building was undergoing an extensive renovation.  Unlike the standard issue domed building, the Alaskan state capitol building was reminiscent of an old turn of the century bank building. We took the stairs up to the fourth floor and saw the governors office and then made our way down.  There wasn't much in the way or artwork or artifacts but then again, it was an active construction site.  The building is quite small and while most of our capitol building tours last about 20 minutes, this one took about 10.  Make sure you notice the totem pole to the left of the building across the street. For information about visiting the capitol building in Juneau click here


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