Cosmos (Ft. Wayne)

Ohio, Michigan, Indiana, and Kentucky

Driving down from Lansing to Indianapolis everyone was starving so we decided to stop for lunch in Ft. Wayne and found a family friendly restaurant called Cosmos. The restaurant was warm and welcoming and proudly operated by the Bourounis Family. The menu was pretty extensive, in fact it was huge (and so were the portions as we were about to discover) so I wasn't worried about everyone finding something they might like.

That's one cheesy 6 egg omelette

That's one cheesy 6 egg omelette

Everyone ordered, and what arrived could have served an army regimen. Seriously, each plate could have fed the 7 of us.  One kid ordered an omelette—you normally expect 3 eggs max, right? This omelet had 6 eggs! Yeah, I said 6!  Who can eat that? Talk about cholesterol overload. Everything was beyond super-sized…in fact I really felt bad wasting so much food. I am not sure how they make money when the menu was so reasonably priced.  I asked the waitress why the portions were so large, and she seemed a little surprised that I'd even asked the question.  She said that the portions were normal and not unusual in any way. Wow, and we wonder why there is an obesity problem!

imgres-1The food was pretty standard issue and if you eat here, I'd say that the breakfast items are the way to go.  I wouldn’t necessarily recommend this place as a must try or a gourmet dining experience, but if you’re starving and like a hearty breakfast or lunch, you definitely won't leave hungry or broke.

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