Explore All 50′s Top 10 Breakfast Experiences Across The USA


Since we are pretty budget conscious when we travel, most of the time we take advantage of the complimentary breakfast that comes with our hotel. Sometimes our hotel doesn't offer breakfast so we are forced to seek out somewhere tasty to chow down before we head out to our next adventure. Much to our delight we have found some wonderful places that served delicious breakfasts that were truly memorable and we'd like … [Read more...]

Eggs and Things (Honolulu)


After getting sticker shock at the Hilton Hawaiian Village on Waikiki it was time to do a little research and find a breakfast place/coffee shop where we could find a reasonable morning meal.  Walking around we stumbled upon Eggs and Things.  We checked out the menu and they had an amazing selections of waffles, pancakes, eggs and every kind of elaborate breakfast favorite you can imagine at a reasonable price so … [Read more...]

Cosmos (Ft. Wayne)

Ohio, Michigan, Indiana, and Kentucky

Driving down from Lansing to Indianapolis everyone was starving so we decided to stop for lunch in Ft. Wayne and found a family friendly restaurant called Cosmos. The restaurant was warm and welcoming and proudly operated by the Bourounis Family. The menu was pretty extensive, in fact it was huge (and so were the portions as we were about to discover) so I wasn't worried about everyone finding something they might … [Read more...]

Mother’s Restaurant (New Orleans)

When we were in New Orleans we met up with some good friends and local residents Alan and Diane and their little boy Eli.  We asked them where we could get a good breakfast and they told us to head right over to Mother's-home of the world's best baked ham (that's what's on their sign outside). We don't eat ham, but we do like a good breakfast of pancakes, eggs, and all the fixins and Mother's did not … [Read more...]

The Peppermill (Las Vegas)

The Peppermill (Las Vegas)

What do you get when you cross an all American diner with a 80's Vegas nightclub? You get The Peppermill! Open 24 hours and always busy with crazy awesome decor. This place will satisfy even the hungriest of eaters with their enormous portions but a word of warning-be prepared to wait to be seated. They don't take reservations so just hang in there because the experience will be totally worth it. Once you've been … [Read more...]

Starvin’ Arvin’s (Montrose)

Destination #4: New Mexico and Colorado

There's nothing like the fresh air in the Rocky Mountains to stir up a hearty appetite and you'll find no better place satisfy that hunger and fuel the rest of your day than Starvin' Arvin's in Montrose Colorado. Out on the road this place was a godsend serving up hearty fare to satisfy everyone's cravings.  In fact, eating at Starvin' Arvin's  was one of our most memorable breakfasts of all time. The eggs were … [Read more...]

Main Street Overeasy (Bozeman)

Destination #3: Idaho, Wyoming and Montana

Bozeman is a pretty cool college town with lots of the same stores you might find in large cities and also home to another great breakfast find, The Main Street Overeasy.  This place is so cute, and everyone will have fun playing with the wooden chickens on the tables. Kids will love the "Mickey Cakes" in the shape of a very famous mouse with some apple slices and blueberries to round out his features.  Wonderful … [Read more...]

Smitty’s (Idaho Falls)

Destination: Idaho, Wyoming and Montana

If you are looking for a family friendly place for breakfast you won't do any better than Smitty's. They have plenty of stuff to please any palette. Eggs and such and all kinds of combos of pancakes, french toast, hash brown, you name it. Lot's of kid friendly stuff on the kids menu too. All five kids left with tummies full and big smiles... … [Read more...]

The Flying Biscuit (Atlanta)

The Flying Biscuit (Atlanta)

You just can't get the essence of the south without having an authentic southern breakfast-biscuits, grits, hot cakes, bacon and sausage you know...the works and I desperately wanted us all to experience it. A real southern breakfast with all the bacon fat and lard is a heart attack on a plate. As a family we watch what we eat and because we are Jewish we don't eat pork so I did some research to find a "healthy … [Read more...]