Golf and Games Family Park (Memphis)

Unlike Nashville and the Wild Horse Saloon, Memphis did not offer any kid friendly clubs to enjoy the Memphis music scene especially along Beale Street.  So Yvonne and I did a little research on the fly and found Golf and Games Family Park.  This place had everything: laser tag, mini golf, go karts, and arcade, bumper boats, batting cages you name it.  Unfortunately it also had a ton of mosquitos, but after dousing ourselves in bug repellent we were good to go.

We sent the kids on into the laser tag, and Yvonne and I got a nice 30 minute break for some adult conversation and some calls back home to our significant others.  In between our yammering we found this old time photo booth and could not resist taking some pretty silly photos which I still laugh at when I look at them.  I am such a sucker for those machines, they are too much fun and it's a great souvenir, just make sure you put the photos in a safe place where they won't get bent.

After the laser tag it was on to the go carts.  I sincerely hope the kids' experience isn't any indication of their future driving skills.  Isaac missed the turnoff to the track and ended up crashing into the bank of cars at the starting gate.  Thank G-d he was ok, and then headed back out when they turned him around. Lilia drove like a cautious soccer mom, and Joel was speed racer coming around the curves.  All the kids had a blast. All in all, you can never go wrong at a family fun park when you're stuck for something fun to do in the evening, and the kids still have some energy that needs to be exhausted.

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