The Ford Rouge Factory Tour (Dearborn)

Ohio, Michigan, Indiana, and Kentucky

You don't want to miss The Ford Rouge Factory Tour so be  sure to get here early as it's is quite popular. We got there nice and early so we could be on the first tour, and boy was it ever worth it. We took a shuttle bus to the original factory that Henry Ford built on the Rouge River. There is an incredible short film about the factory’s history and the story of Henry Ford that you shouldn't miss.  It tells the story of why the factory was built here on the Rouge River and what it was capable of.  Almost everything needed at the factory was made right here which is pretty astounding.  Today with our global economy companies no longer need to solely rely on themselves for parts and other things they need to create their products.

Luckily for us, the assembly line was working and we got a walking tour on a bridge over the factory floor. Fascinating does not even begin to describe it! The kids and I watched them assemble F-150 trucks. We marveled as floors moved to transport the partially assembled trucks while workers stood at their stations and  attached whatever parts they were assigned to put on. It seemed as if they were snapping toys together. Most of the work was done by people, but some work was done by very sophisticated robots.  This is American ingenuity at its finest: industry at work, production lines flowing, and making great American products. I did wonder what it would feel like to stand in one place all day and snap on headlights or add windshield wipers but looking on the faces of these workers you could tell they took pride in their work. The Ford Rouge Factory Tour is a fantastic view into the American auto industry, up-close and personal. To this day, whenever I see an F-150 truck, I smile and remember watching them roll off the factory floor. This is a DO NOT MISS!

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