Renters Beware: Why Even If You Have Insurance It Can Still Cost You

If you've been following us on here and on social media, you know we just came back from an Alaskan road trip.  Where most folks opt to do a cruise to cover a fair amount of area, we decided to buck convention and do a real road trip, flying and driving through our 50th state.  The rental cost on the two cars (one in Juneau for a day and a half and one in Anchorage that we dropped off in Fairbanks three days … [Read more...]

Car Rentals: A Simple Trick To Make Sure You Get The Best Deal

Car Rentals

As you may already know, I am in the planning stages of our next summer road trip to tick another state off our list-Alaska. As I am finding out, and which no doubt many of you readers who have traveled to Alaska already know-it’s ridiculously expensive. Because Alaska’s travel season is packed into three and a half months, businesses have a very short window of time to make their money for the entire year, which … [Read more...]

Why My Favorite Card In My Wallet Is One No Road Tripper Should Be Without


Let me just state for the record that I have not been paid any endorsement fee, and this is not and advertisement for AAA. My only relationship with the Auto Club has been as a paid member for slightly over 30 years (that’s right folks since I was driving at age 16). Because my family and I have derived enormous benefit from our membership, I thought it was super important to highlight it on my blog in my planning … [Read more...]

Indianapolis Motor Speedway and Hall of Fame Museum (Indianapolis)

Ohio, Michigan, Indiana, and Kentucky

I remember watching the legendary Indy 500 race on TV since I was a kid and I never would have imagined I’d be standing here in person at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. For the tour part of our visit, we were supposed to hop on a bus that does one lap around the track to give you a sense of what it’s like for the drivers and pit crew, but just our luck they were doing some repaving of the track and the bus tour … [Read more...]

The Ford Rouge Factory Tour (Dearborn)

Ohio, Michigan, Indiana, and Kentucky

You don't want to miss The Ford Rouge Factory Tour so be  sure to get here early as it's is quite popular. We got there nice and early so we could be on the first tour, and boy was it ever worth it. We took a shuttle bus to the original factory that Henry Ford built on the Rouge River. There is an incredible short film about the factory’s history and the story of Henry Ford that you shouldn't miss.  It tells the … [Read more...]

The Henry Ford Museum (Dearborn)

Ohio, Michigan, Indiana, and Kentucky

The Henry Ford Museum is an enormous museum which covers the history of transportation and car culture. Inside we traced the evolution of the automobile and saw some of Henry Ford’s earliest attempts at the motorcar.  It was crazy to look at these amazing contraptions and realize these were the visionary inventions that led to the cars we drive today. Looking at the "Quadricycle" the kids and I discussed what … [Read more...]

10 Essential Rules Of The Road

Road Rules

There’s a big difference between driving around your neighborhood running errands or heading to work and cruising the open roads of a rural 2-lane highway across unfamiliar territory. Here are some tips to help you drive safely and steer clear of trouble with the Highway Patrol. While most official rules of the road are uniform across the country, it’s very important to make a special effort to observe the … [Read more...]

Navigating Car Rentals

Car Rentals

What you need to know before you drive Finding a great car rental is one of the most important elements of your trip. After all, you’ll be spending hours in that vehicle getting from place to place, so you want your ride to be nice, big enough for you and your gear, and reliable—all of course at the best possible price. Here are some tips I’ve learned over my numerous road trips (and car rentals) to help you … [Read more...]