King Kamehameha Statue #1 (Hawi)

Very close to the Eco Adventures Zip line, is the tiny town of Hawi. Do not miss one of the four original statues of King Kamehameha, the most famous and revered Hawaiian King who united the Hawaiian islands under his leadership. The statue stands not too far from where he was born, here on the Big Island of Hawaii. There are four of these statues, three of which are in Hawaii and one is in our nation’s Capitol building. On this trip we saw the three in Hawaii, and when we finish our Explore All 50 project, we will go to the Capitol and see the 4th and that will be one proud day for me and the kids!

Legend has it that the majestic king was as tall and as broad as this statue, which is almost 7 feet tall. I wondered as I stood there what the great king would think of what the islands have now become as the 50th state of the union...I also wondered about the great Hawaiian culture that was at it's zenith under his rule and how American imperialism brought it to it's knees nearly destroying it completely under Kamehameha's descendents.



  1. Hawi not Havi. We do not have the letter very in the Hawaiian language. : )