Lapperts Ice Cream (Hanapepe)

As you’re driving through this adorable little town, you must stop sample the ice cream at…Lapperts—The homemade treat was created here in Hanapepe by Walter Lappert in 1983 when he retired here and could not find quality ice cream to enjoy.  He sought to create a super premium brand of ice cream using flavors and ingredients in the islands.  Walter has since passed away, but his ice cream legacy lives on throughout the islands.  Make sure and try some of the unique and unusual Hawaiian flavors like vanilla macadamia nut, Lilikoi (Hawaiian for passion fruit), coconut, and many others.

We found the ice cream really creamy and delicious and included it in our top 10 best ice creams in the nation.!

Experience the “flavor of aloha.” with this Do Not Miss taste experience!


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