Explore All 50’s Top 10 Ice Creams Across The USA

Ice Cream

And now back from our latest road trip it's time to update top 10 ice cream list. Ice cream is our sweet tooth obsession and we try it wherever we go. Having now covered 46 of the 50 states here are our all time faves.  Luscious flavors, chunky mix-ins and yummy swirls are so tough to resist-and sometimes top quality brings out the best in simple flavors. Here's our best of the best guide-try any of these and we … [Read more...]

Lapperts Ice Cream (Hanapepe)


As you’re driving through this adorable little town, you must stop sample the ice cream at…Lapperts—The homemade treat was created here in Hanapepe by Walter Lappert in 1983 when he retired here and could not find quality ice cream to enjoy.  He sought to create a super premium brand of ice cream using flavors and ingredients in the islands.  Walter has since passed away, but his ice cream legacy lives on … [Read more...]