Splasher’s Grill (Kona)


After an exhausting day visiting Hilo and Volcano National park, we headed back to Kona for dinner at...Splasher’s Grill. We could not have asked for better given the varied tastes of our picky crew as there was something everyone could enjoy. Lots of fresh fish and seafood, complemented with all American bar food favorites. The service was as friendly as the food was good and there wasn't a complaint to be heard. That’s about as good a recommendation as I can give! Don't miss the opportunity to sit outside and enjoy the warm ocean air and the lively music. Oh, and they have some pretty cool t-shirts, too!



  1. Mahalo for joining us at Splashers Grill! We enjoyed serving your group and look forward to the next time you get to visit. Aloha! Inde and Jerry Coggins- owners of Splashers.

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