Soundtrack for Trip #3: Idaho, Wyoming and Montana

BuffalosThere is nothing quite like the beautiful natural wonder of Idaho, Wyoming and Montana. Yellowstone in Wyoming is America's first National Park. It's home not only to lots of animals like bison, bears, elk, and wolves but it's the center of enormous volcanic activity thats the source of geysers, colorful steaming pools of acid, and smoking steam vents. We all know Idaho is famous for it's potatoes, but did you know that Montana is important for copper and mineral mining? As you explore these beautiful broad open spaces, here's a list of tunes to add a little musical "color" to the already illustrious landscape.

"Private Idaho"The B-52's
"The Road To Nowhere"The Talking Heads
"Are You Gonna Go My Way"Lenny Kravitz
"Tie A Yellow Ribbon"Tony Orlando and Dawn
"Working In A Coal Mine"Devo
"Beautiful Day"U2
"Time Of Your Life"Green Day
"Vacation"The Go-Go's
"This Land Is Your Land"Peter, Paul, and Mary
"The Climb"Hannah Montana
"Ole Faithful"Sons Of The Pioneers
"(Ghost) Riders In The Sky"Sons Of The Pioneers
"Home On The Range"Gene Autry
"WalK In The Country"Scotty McCreery

YellowStoneDude Ranch

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