Reader Profile: Joy Rosen – Sharing smiles across the miles

Joy’s parents could not have picked a more 416937_300472743352766_206049484_nappropriate name for this Las Vegas resident and transplanted Brooklynite with the bubbly personality who brings smile and joy wherever she travels in her quest to see all 50 states. This former New York tour guide, is up to 12 states so far and can’t wait to hit the road again meeting interesting people, experiencing new tastes and having all kinds of adventures. Chances are if you don’t already know Joy when you meet her, she will know someone who knows you, or know someone who’s related to someone who knows you or some combination of both and you will be soon become fast friends and Facebook pals.

imgres-1Whenever she’s exploring somewhere new, Joy loves interacting with the local folks and the getting the low down on the best places to chow down and have fun. This extremely picky eater doesn’t like to take any chances, and who better to ask where to go than the locals-especially when it comes to ice cream! Joy’s fave? Her find on her last trip when traveling through Galveston. Texas’ own-Bluebell creameries’ Fresh peach. Joy isn’t shy, in fact she tried every single flavor in the shop before settling on the peach all while entertaining everyone in line behind her with humor and show tunes.


Some of Joys favorite travel highlights were hiking the Grand Canyon and stopping along Route 66 in Arizona. She’s especially big on stuff with nostalgic charm. One of her favorite hidden gems is Peggy Sue’s diner off Route 15 between California and Nevada. According to Joy, it’s a 50’s diner with all the original decor, still serving delicious food as if time had stood still. Before leaving, Joy made friends with an entire bachelorette party that had stopped off for lunch on their way to Las Vegas, and is now Facebook friends with the bride and all her gal pals.


As a New York City Tour Guide in the 80's.

So when you meet someone whose really in the know, like Joy a true native New Yorker in her heart and soul, you’ve got to ask the really important questions. The best NY pizza ever? According to Joy, Original Rays in Manhattan on 3rd Ave., “however long the line is, stand in it because it’s worth it.” Looking for the most unique NY food experience? Joy says the Chicken Chow Mein on a bun at Nathan’s in Coney Island is incredibly weird but oh so good. “You can’t find it anywhere else in the whole country and it comes with the cutest little wooden spoon and it’s delicious!”.

Joy is the epitome of the phrase “people person”. Couple that with her spirit of adventure and she’s got more crazy stories on one trip than most folks have in a decade of traveling. Her positive fun loving attitude is infectious. If you find yourself on a tour bus somewhere and suddenly a charming woman with a beautiful smile gets the entire bus laughing and singing a song, chances are her name will be Joy and before the trip is over she will know all about you, give you a huge smile and a hug and count you among her many, many friends all across the country.

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  1. Bryan Broadbent says:

    Joy is the quintessential expert of spreading the joy in exploring all 50!

  2. The Joy of Traveling!

  3. An excellent article about one of the most wonderful people I have ever had the honor of meeting. Joy is the epitome of her name. I am honored and blessed to be able to say I now her and she is my friend.

    If you happen to come across Joy in your travels, you truly will be better for it!

  4. I am putting Blue Bell on my Texas to do list right now…

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