Niagara Falls NY (Niagara Falls)


There is not much more that compares in nature than the awesome power of the rushing waters over Niagara Falls. The falls straddle the border between the US and Canada and it's no secret that the falls on the Canadian side are much more breathtaking but since we didn't have our passports and weren't taking any chances we decided to marvel at the tamer Falls on the American side and we weren't even remotely disappointed.

It's a little tricky navigating the best view, but the thing to do is to follow the signs to park your car at the parking lot for Niagara Park and then follow the trails for the best viewing. Make sure you hold onto any small children, phones, cameras and anything else that can fall out of your hand. And to think some people went over this in a barrel.....Yikes. We wandered the park trail that brought us to a few awesome viewing spots, and best of all, it was free.

This is one of those places that left me humbled by the awesome power of nature and kept my jaded teenagers fascinated. It's a definite Do Not Miss! Here's a great little map courtesy of the New York State Tourism Board to help you navigate the area.NiagaraFallsNiagaraFallsStateParkMap

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