Niagara Falls NY (Niagara Falls)

There is not much more that compares in nature than the awesome power of the rushing waters over Niagara Falls. The falls straddle the border between the US and Canada and it's no secret that the falls on the Canadian side are much more breathtaking but since we didn't have our passports and weren't taking any chances we decided to marvel at the tamer Falls on the American side and we weren't even remotely … [Read more...]

Akaka Falls (Honomu)

The Big Island of Hawaii

On the way to Hilo, Akaka Falls  is a wonderful stop that will take about 20 minutes and is totally worth it. It’s a lovely nature trail that goes around in a circle.  The first thing we noticed were the incredible and diverse plant life.  We noticed giant bamboo that seemed as tall as a three story building making us feel like dwarfs and tiny fiddlehead ferns coiling up on themselves.  There were exotic … [Read more...]