Tony’s Di Napoli’s (New York City-Manhattan)


If you are exploring Times Square, this is a great place to park it for some good eats. If you love pasta and Italian fare you will definitely dig Tony's. Make sure you make a reservation on though because it's quite popular and not just with the tourists.

DSC_0012The ambiance inside feels like an old speakeasy with big booths and tables and  old chandeliers and cool caricature paintings on the walls. My kids and I loved guessing the celebs as we waited for our food while munching a delicious garlic bread. Yum. The menu is huge and just in case there aren't enough menu's to go around (did I say this place is popular??) there are two huge menu boards on the walls.

They've got just about every classic Italian dish you could imagine. We ordered a couple of our faves- eggplant parmigiana (breaded and pan fried slices of eggplant layered with tomato and sauce) and chicken picatta (pounded chicken breasts in a lemon caper sauce). Both were tasty and very good. Giving Tony's a thumbs up!


Buono Appetito!

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