Central Park (New York City-Manhattan)

There is no greater compliment to the hustle and bustle of New York City than the lush green swath known as Central Park. It's the perfect foil to the concrete and skyscrapers that define the city bringing balance, tranquility and and boundless opportunities to connect with nature and fellow New Yorkers. Bravo to the city fathers who saw the importance of the large expanse of green space and who preserved from … [Read more...]

The Empire State Building (New York City-Manhattan)

Wow, is there anything more iconic New York City, that the Empire State Building? Not in my book. Any visit to the Big Apple is not complete without going up to the observation deck and taking in the panoramic view from what was once the tallest building in the world. There are lots of options for taking in this very popular tourist attraction so let me break it down for you. The observation deck is open from 8am … [Read more...]

Gray’s Papaya (New York City-Manhattan)

In the big apple you can get hot dogs on just about any street corner but for a unique experience, you can do what we did and head on over to Gray’s Papaya-an interesting combination of hot doggery and tropical juice stand. Weird I know, but hugely poplar. There’s always a line here so queue up and place your order. We ordered some basic dogs which you can get with or without onions. From there add your … [Read more...]

Katz’s Deli (New York City-Manhattan)

There are a few foods that scream iconic New York and one of those is the pastrami sandwich. While there are numerous deli's on the island of Manhattan, none are more famous than Katz's Deli. And so of course it was on our list of must try's. Located on the lower east side, the bastion of deli cuisine is always packed. You can't make a reservation, you just walk in, get a ticket and either wait for a table to sit … [Read more...]

Museum of American Finance (New York City-Manhattan)

There is not much more disappointing than being really excited about something on your road trip and finding out it falls way short of your expectations.  Located on Wall Street, I was super pumped to check out the Museum of Finance, particularly since tours of the New York Stock Exchange are now off limits. I was excited to learn with my kids all about the exchanges, commodities, stocks, bonds and all about the … [Read more...]

See A Broadway Show (Manhattan)

Nowhere is theater such a huge part of a city's culture than New York and a trip would not be complete without taking in one of the incredible productions on Broadway. There are so many to choose from and I have no doubt like me you'll find something to suit you and your traveling companions' taste. Wanting to stick with our state theme of visiting New York, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania-we lucked out and scored … [Read more...]

The Tenement Museum (New York City-Manhattan)

Ever wondered what life was life for immigrants at the turn of the century living in what was then the most densely populated place on earth? Now you can experience it by taking a tour at The Tenement Museum like Isaac and I did. Located in what's known as The Lower East Side, an original tenement building was purchased by the museum and sort of restored to show visitors what life was like here in it's hey … [Read more...]

Times Square (New York City-Manhattan)

There's not much more that screams New York City than Times Square. The neon lights, the masses of people, the rush of yellow taxicabs-this is the biggest tourist mecca in the city and it's a DO NOT MISS! You never know what you'll find here and it's a feast for the eyes (maybe not so much your sense of smell). All kinds of companies host events here and do promotional stunts, concerts, you name it. When we … [Read more...]

Tony’s Di Napoli’s (New York City-Manhattan)

If you are exploring Times Square, this is a great place to park it for some good eats. If you love pasta and Italian fare you will definitely dig Tony's. Make sure you make a reservation on OpenTable.com though because it's quite popular and not just with the tourists. The ambiance inside feels like an old speakeasy with big booths and tables and  old chandeliers and cool caricature paintings on the walls. My … [Read more...]

United Nations Tour (New York City-Manhattan)

Going to the United Nations for a tour is almost the equivalent of going leaving the country although not to worry, you won't need your passport. You will pass through security and need to present proper ID and once you pass through the gates you will no longer be in the United States (though technically you still are). Once through security, make your way across the courtyard to the main building where your tour … [Read more...]