Quartermaster Museum (Fort Lee)



dsc_0363Don't you love it when you go somewhere and unexpectedly your socks get blown off because it is more amazing than you could ever have imagined??? That's what happened to me and my crew at the Quartermaster Museum in Fort Lee. Honestly, this was truly one of the most moving experiences and one of the most amazing museums we have EVER been to.  We all think about those brave men in uniform out on the battlefield but did you ever think about what it takes to keep an army going? How is the army supplied or fed? Who takes care of all the logistical details required to keep a fighting force functioning at its best? The Quartermasters, that's who. I had no idea what a quartermaster was until I did a little research and am I glad I put this stop on our list.  It is a must see in every sense of the word. If you find yourself anywhere near Fort Lee, Virginia, please don't miss it.


portable laundry machines from WWII

The Quartermaster museum, is a museum dedicated to educating the public about the services that are provided to the army and how they have been done throughout history. It's a whole world that I had never given any thought to and in fact, I think it's something most of us take for granted. The museum itself  located on the Fort Lee Army base.  It's a little bit of a process to get to and be prepared to show proper ID. Don't expect a state of the art museum presentation. This museum is pretty old school and dated, but make no mistake about it,  what you will see will truly open your eyes and give you a whole new appreciation of what it takes to keep the army strong.


General Grant's actual saddle-WOW

Did you know the army uses mobile washing machines to wash uniforms in the field, or that back in the day they used mobile ovens to bake fresh bread for the troops? How about transportation, flags, uniforms? You would be amazed what the Quartermasters have handled throughout our country's history and what they continue to handle, even the remains of those lost in battle. As you walk through the museum you will find some mind blowing artifacts-like Gen. Ulysses S. Grant's personal saddle, or Gen. Eisenhower's personal motor coach where he met with Sir Winston Churchill in the field.

This place may be a bit musty and in need of a makeover, but you will be richly rewarded if you make the time to visit-and definitely give yourself plenty of time-there is so much to soak in here, you will want to explore every nook and cranny.  We toured here on the 4th of July and it was open, but sadly the gift shop was not.  It also didn't look too glamorous, but I could see it was full of awesome and unique treasures that you no doubt will want to comb through.

G-d bless the Quartermasters who are headquartered and trained at Fort Lee.....and G-d bless our troops who couldn't do their job with them.




  1. Alisa Abecassis Alisa Abecassis says:

    No disrespect to our brave women in uniform as well. Thank you all for your service!!!-Alisa