Got A Little Time Off? Try A Quick Trip To Knock Another State Off Your List

plan-a-road-tripNot every trip has to be an epic adventure that has you hauling your crew through 6 states over a couple of weeks. If you are on a quest to knock off all 50 states you might want to consider a couple of mini trips to tick a few more off your list and reach your goal sooner. Thanksgiving, Spring break, or even long weekends like President's day or 4th of July can be great times to explore somewhere that isn't too far.

2014-dodge-journey-exteriorEveryone has their own criteria as to what constitutes a visit.  For me, setting foot in a state qualifies.  For reader and fellow explorer Val Pentony, a state can't be ticked off their family has spent 3 nights there. Either way or anything in between should be doable on a quick trip to a neighboring state. Another added bonus, you'll be able to pack a lot lighter too.

And in case you've got kids at home, the best bonus of all is you won't be hearing them moan about how bored they are. That's enough of a reason for me to pack my bags!