My New Obsession: The Best Nat’l Park Souvenir You Probably Never Heard Of …

hiking medallions

img_1928Hiking medallions are my new souvenir obsession.  I had no idea these even existed until I came across one at Harper's Ferry National Historical Park in West Virginia.

So what are they and what are they for? Serious hikers use a walking stick and these medallions are cool collectibles to show fellow hiker's where you've been. The medallion comes with two super tiny nails. If you've got a walking stick like the one pictured here, you can carefully nail them on-I saw a really cool Youtube video on how to do that.  Here it is so you can see how to do it too.

You can find these in the gift shops of most national parks and national historical sites and if for some reason you can't find them, go online and you'll find plenty. I ordered a bunch, but only from the places we've actually been to. Searching through the lists though, I realized how many amazing places I still have yet to see.

If you are someone like me who isn't a true hiking enthusiast you can come up with some cool creative way to display these.  I've got a friend named Raphael who is a furniture maker.  I am going to have him make me a cool cylinder made out of wood and then nail all of these on there and display it in my family room for everyone to see. I am sure there are other things you can do with these as well. Or, just get yourself a hiking stick and take up a new hobby/sport.

large-341553-MIMA_hiking_medallion25dd64153c6ef1e8483c9265b7b086eblarge-383503 yellowstone_hiking_medallion


  1. I always do the junior ranger program at the parks (yes, I may get a funny look because I’m not a kid, but I sure learn a lot more than I would otherwise). Many times, you receive a patch when you complete them. If not, I buy the patches. What can I say? I’m a lifetime Girl Scout and I love patches!

    Congratulations on completing the 50 states!