Holiday Travel: Is It Worth The Hassle?

Holiday Travel

I’ve been pretty successful at putting off traveling during the holidays for the last couple of years much to the dismay of my three children who did not waste a moment in letting me know they were bored out of their skulls. Even with local activities planned it was hard to make the most of their time off, so for the second time I am relenting and planning another winter ski trip to rendezvous with friends in Park … [Read more...]

3 Great Tips To Make The Most Of Your Outdoor Family Adventure

Great Tips

As Seen On Monster Fish & Game. Traveling in the great outdoors here in the USA is not only an amazing way to spend time with your family but it’s also a great opportunity to discover and learn so much about the world around us. As a single mom who’s taken on the goal of seeing all 50 states with my kids (after 10 years and 14 trips we are at 42), I can tell you that adventure and learning can take place in … [Read more...]