Geppi’s Entertainment Museum (Baltimore)

Honestly, my kids and I had no idea what to expect at this "Museum of Pop Culture" located right across the street from Camden Yards, but I am so glad we didn't miss it.  I am not sure my kids got as much out of it as I did but it was still a fun adventure for all involved (not to mention a great excuse to get into an air-conditioned building on a sweltering day). The best part was that my kids got to know a side of … [Read more...]

Strong Museum and Toy Hall of Fame (Rochester)

The Strong Museum also known as the National Museum of Play really is a glorified kids play zone.  After driving quite a ways from Buffalo we were eagerly anticipating checking it out.  I was really excited to check out cool toys I used to play with as a kid and show them to my kids but when we got to the ticket booth we were informed that there wasn't anything like that there.  There were just some play zones for … [Read more...]