Acadia National Park (Mt. Desert Island)

Acadia National Park

I was really excited to see Acadia National Park.  It really is spectacular.  We got there early and big mistake on our part, attempted to drive the loop instead of waiting for the visitor center to open.  We drove and drove, and we didn't quite know what we should have been looking for but the scenic vistas were just breathtaking.  Sadly we were a little pressed for time as we wanted to get in our blueberry picking and make sailing time to go lobster fishing in Boothbay Harbor so we just rushed through. Acadia is definitely deserving of your time.  If hiking is your thing and you have the time you will be richly rewarded. Honestly, all of what we saw of Maine is just jaw-droppingly gorgeous. especially along the coast.  So my advice, see Acadia and don't miss the visitor center so you can figure out what there is to see.  Also make sure you have the time to do all you want to do.

Acadia National Park

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