Harvard (Boston)

HarvardHarvard, while only a short car ride away from MIT was infinitely different. Harvard is the oldest university in the US founded in 1636. It was so awe inspiring to be on this storied campus, where most students can only dream of attending. We found the statue of John Harvard in Harvard Yard and did as tradition dictates- rubbed his shoe for good luck (his shoe is pretty shiny as you can imagine). Overall we were surprised at how small and intimate the campus was in comparison to its reputation. As we asked one student for directions to the student store, mid conversation, he caught himself picking his nose. Pretty hilarious, I guess academic brilliance does not always translate into good manners.



  1. Very inspired by your website and all the trips, your story and all.
    I completely agree with you, America is so beautiful and there are lots of things to do in each state.
    I am planning it with my family, hope to do it soon….