Medora Riding Stables (Medora)

Medora Riding Stables

We arrived in Medora in the early afternoon and had a little time to explore the town before the Medora Musical that night so we decided to do a 1 hour trail ride at the Medora Riding Stables.  Everyone got saddled up on our trusty steeds, even Avrille, and we set out on the trail on a gentle and leisurely ride.  Heading out, our guide gave us a brief history of the area and it's connection to President Teddy Roosevelt.  The scenery was spectacular, but of course my kids were more tuned in to who's horse was peeing or pooping what color it was, you know how that goes. I just had to laugh, kids are so funny sometimes with the things they are fascinated by.   The landscape is just breathtaking and a trail ride is just the perfectly authentic  way to explore it just like President Roosevelt would have.

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