The Best Recipe For a Successful Road Trip: Mix It Up!

Everybody has a different idea about what makes a road trip really special. Whether it's the scenery, the family bonding, or the mere fact that you are just getting away -you are bound to enjoy yourself (with the exception of course of a completely unexpected disaster). But what makes the standard road trip go from great to super memorable? Sometimes we resist getting out of our comfort zone, but often times when we … [Read more...]

Kentucky Horse Park (Lexington)

Ohio, Michigan, Indiana, and Kentucky

As you have already figured out by now, Kentucky is horse country  and one of the best places to learn all about horses is the Kentucky Horse Park. There was so much to see and learn here about these magnificent animals.  First stop was the museum to learn about the history of horses in cultures around the world, from Europe to Asia and the Middle East and the US we learned how horses were used and cared for. The … [Read more...]

The Pony Express Museum (Hollenberg)

Destination #6: Nebraska, Kansas and Oklahoma

Wow did I really come to appreciate the United States Postal Service after a visit to the Pony Express Museum. So back in the day, if you were a pioneer in the heartland, your mail was delivered by Pony Express-meaning it was transferred from rider to rider over hundreds of miles on horseback to get to you. The riders were young men—17 to early 20’s—who would ride for 2 days and then change horses at different … [Read more...]

Medora Riding Stables (Medora)

Medora Riding Stables

We arrived in Medora in the early afternoon and had a little time to explore the town before the Medora Musical that night so we decided to do a 1 hour trail ride at the Medora Riding Stables.  Everyone got saddled up on our trusty steeds, even Avrille, and we set out on the trail on a gentle and leisurely ride.  Heading out, our guide gave us a brief history of the area and it's connection to President Teddy … [Read more...]

Mt. Hood Adventure Park at Skibowl (Government Camp)

Washington and Oregon

Mt. Hood is so high up we found ourselves driving though clouds to get to the top. Mt. Hood is a pretty famous ski area, but people don't know it's also the testing grounds for several snowboard companies. The pros come up here and test out the new products during ski season so you'll see tons of crazy ramps and other shapes that they snowboard on like at the X Games. During the summer, the mountain comes alive … [Read more...]

Stay on a Dude Ranch (Beaverhead-Deerlodge National Forest)

Destination #3: Idaho, Wyoming and Montana

This was an amazing experience, but I am not sure we picked the most family-friendly of places to stay. If you are going to explore any or all of these three states I strongly encourage you to take a day or two and stay on a ranch. Prices usually include food, lodging, and some activities, and you will leave with rich experiences you will not soon forget. We stayed at the Upper Canyon Outfitters Dude Ranch in … [Read more...]