Mt. Hood Adventure Park at Skibowl (Government Camp)

Washington and Oregon

Mt. Hood is so high up we found ourselves driving though clouds to get to the top. Mt. Hood is a pretty famous ski area, but people don't know it's also the testing grounds for several snowboard companies. The pros come up here and test out the new products during ski season so you'll see tons of crazy ramps and other shapes that they snowboard on like at the X Games.


During the summer, the mountain comes alive with other activities like an alpine slide, ziplines, reverse bungee, play zone, batting cages, horseback riding, Malibu raceway, mine and disc golf and a ton more stuff. We can personally attest to the alpine slide, it was fantastic. After a scenic ride to the top via the ski lift, we rode in a toboggan type contraption down a track (don't worry you have a break if and when you need it) to the base of the activity area. It was an absolute blast the incorporated just the right amount of thrill and safety.

Lilia and I having a blast cruising down the Alpine Slide

Lilia and I having a blast cruising down the Alpine Slide

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