Big Island Eco Adventures (Kapa’au)


So one adventure my kids and I have been dying to try is zip lining.  The Hawaiian Islands have a ton of places to do this somewhat new and trendy activity so if your dead set on doing it (and you should because it's a ton of fun), see where it best fits into your schedule.  For us, that happened to be on the Big Island and we opted for and outfit called Big Island Eco Adventures who were just fantastic! If … [Read more...]

Mt. Hood Adventure Park at Skibowl (Government Camp)

Washington and Oregon

Mt. Hood is so high up we found ourselves driving though clouds to get to the top. Mt. Hood is a pretty famous ski area, but people don't know it's also the testing grounds for several snowboard companies. The pros come up here and test out the new products during ski season so you'll see tons of crazy ramps and other shapes that they snowboard on like at the X Games. During the summer, the mountain comes alive … [Read more...]